The problem is that the IT sector does not yet have the right skills. And if you say Guy Franco, former hacker and founder as well as CTO of Javelin 7 (a company specializing in cyber security), better believe it


The criminals who carry out these attacks and our task is to try to get them off the cyber world. It is sad to say, but they will continue to commit crimes, said Greg Fitzgerald from Javelin Networks.


Futuriom's study on integrated systems and security operations strategy, "Endpoint Security and SysSecOps: The Growing Trend to Build a More Secure Enterprise," reveals...


It is inevitable that a computer is going to get compromised. A foothold will be established in one of the victim’s machines...


Cybercriminals want your credentials and your employees’ credentials. When those hackers succeed in stealing that information...


Samas Ransomware Uses Active Directory for Reconnaissance and Spreads Across the Entire Network to Encrypt Files on Every Server and Computer


A ransomware variant known as Samas RansomWorm is wreaking havoc on unsuspecting machines, gaining its name from its unusual propagation characteristics


Javelin Networks, a Palo Alto cyber security company that recently relocated to Austin, announced on Thursday the closing of a $5 million Series A funding.


Javelin Networks, an Austin cybersecurity company that combines a multifaceted product for protecting IT with artificial intelligence to help prevent future breaches, has brought in $5 million to reach more customers through a sales and marketing push.


Venture capital funding dropped sharply last week, but the companies that did receive money exemplify two of the hottest industries in Austin: cybersecurity software and consumer packaged goods


Some of the best start-ups in the US aren’t in Silicon Valley. They are in places such as Austin in Texas...


Austin-based Javelin Networks, a cybersecurity startup, announced it has closed on $5 million in funding.